As sometimes happens, children may fall ill during the day. The centre Co-ordinator will assess the seriousness of the illness and, if necessary, will contact the parent or guardian and advise them to collect their child.

Such action will be taken as quickly as possible, particularly if there is a possibility that the illness could be contagious and poses a risk to other children and staff. Any medical conditions should be discussed with the centre Co-ordinator; their nature remaining confidential. One dose of paracetamol or emergency Ventolin may be administered if necessary with parents’ permission.

At all times, at least one staff member with a current Senior First Aid Certificate and up-to-date CPR certificate will be in attendance.

Infectious Disease

Pitstop strives to remove immediate and/or serious risks to the health of the children from possible cross-infections, by adopting appropriate procedures for dealing with infectious diseases, whilst respecting the rights of individual privacy. Accordingly, all people including children, staff and parents with infectious diseases, will be excluded from attending Pitstop to prevent the diseases spreading to others. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to inform the Co-ordinator of any infectious diseases that their child, or other immediate family members, may be suffering.