Daily Routine

What to wear to Pitstop

Pitstop After School Care

The uniform the child has worn to school that day, or a change of clothing if that is your preference.

Pitstop Vacation Activities

Fun can be rough on clothing, so please send your child/children appropriately dressed.

Hats and Clothing

Hats, not caps, are required at Pitstop as outdoor play is encouraged. We advise parents to send their children in clothing that is in line with The Glennie School’s SunSmart policy which is available on the School website.


Practical footwear, suitable for active play is encouraged, such as joggers or sturdy sandals (without heels).


Jewellery is not permitted.

Backpacks and Carry Bags

Please provide a backpack or carry bag suitable for your child to easily manage, especially for excursions.

Personal Belongings

Electronic games and toys are not to be brought to Pitstop as they may be lost or damaged. Movies are permitted but are only shown at the discretion of the Pitstop Co-ordinator.

Lost Property

It is essential that all possessions be clearly named, so that lost property can be returned. If any items are lost, please check first with the Pitstop staff. If not claimed, property will be taken to the Junior Years Office.


Pitstop provides afternoon tea daily. This includes fresh fruit and vegetables supplemented with other nutritious snacks. Weekly menus are posted in the foyer. Any special dietary requirements should be discussed with the Pitstop Co-ordinator.

During vacation time, morning tea and lunch are the responsibility of parents and the following should be observed:

  • Children are encouraged to bring nutritious foods, in accordance with Pitstop policy to promote healthy eating.
  • All food should be brought in a sealable lunchbox. We do not provide refrigeration.