About Pitstop


Children attending must be enrolled in OSHC. Enrolment forms are available by emailing Pitstop or for collection from the Junior Years Office.

Children cannot attend without a completed enrolment form, even under emergency situations. These are the regulations as stated by The Office of Early Childhood and Care (OECEC).

Change of Address

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that change of address, email address and phone contacts are made known to us as soon as possible to ensure prompt communication in emergencies.


Bookings are essential and must be made in writing, either by completing a booking form, by email or text. Non-Glennie families are welcome to use our vacation care service. Payment is required for bookings in advance. Glennie families will be billed to their account.

Collection Policy

A sign-in, sign-out process documents when each child arrives and is collected by their parent/s or guardian. This is a legal requirement and should an individual, other than the child’s parent or guardian need to collect a child, the centre’s Co-ordinator will need to be notified and identification provided.

Pitstop Fees

There are different rates for before and after school and vacation care. Please contact the Pitstop Co-ordinator for details. Additional charges will apply for vacation care for special activities and excursions. We aim to keep additional costs as low as possible.


It is important to notify us if you do not require after school care for your child. We understand that circumstances change. Please also notify us if your child is going to be absent for any before school or vacation care day.


Full fees will be charged for failure to cancel bookings within the required time. All cancellations must be made in writing, e.g. email or text.

Pitstop Cancellations

  • After School Care: by 6:00pm on the previous business day
  • Before School Care: by 6:00pm on the previous business day
  • Vacation Care: 4 Pitstop business days notice by 8:00am